Reseller and agency solution

direct + simple + safe + fast

As an agency or reseller, you may want to create Auhtinfo2 orders to support your customers. Auhtinfo2 orders to support your customers.

We offer you a platform in which you can create Auhtinfo2 codes at any time with just one click at the Denic can createönnen. In doing so, we remain completely in the background and invisible to your customers.

Reseller solution


+ Easy … You only need 1-click to order ... no cumbersome Forms
+ Fast; Your order will be sent in real time to the awarding authority without delay. Awarding Authority in real time
+ direct … Your order will be sent directly to the DENIC eG
secure … Data protection compliant and order processing on the basis of high security standards
+ favorable … You benefit from reseller conditions and will receive a total invoice at the end of the month

nicmanager Further information for agencies and resellers:
Reseller solution nicmanager

We have provided an insight into how easy it is to create an Authinfo2 ordering guide with nicmanager in our blog article: Authinfo2 with nicmanager


InterNexum GmbH is an official and accredited Member of Denic eG
We deliver your order directly to Denic via real-time interfaces.

You can check the current AuthInfo2 status of your order at any time.